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12″ CWC HASBRO TAKARA NEO BLYTHE DOLLS In 2001 Takara introduced a remake of the popular blythe dolls when they released the limited Parco doll at 1000 pieces. The original face mold Takara started with was known as the BL, then it went to EBL, SBL and now RBL. The Takara neo blythe doll are a reproduction of the 1972 Blythe doll with similar changing big Blythe eyes. This section features Takara neo blythe doll Ebay auctions because it’s a great place to buy a blythe doll including 12″ Takara Neo Blythe dolls. Some sellers will claim factory dolls are Takara but they are not so please keep an eye open for these kind of fake blythe doll auctions if you are specifically only wanting an authentic Neo Blythe Liceneced Reproduction Blythe.