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This section features auctions for 1972 KENNER BLYTHE DOLLS. These vintage blythe dolls are highly sought after all over the world. Only in production for one year back in the 70s because they really weren’t that popular back then. Fast forward to this day and age and people will pay a small fortune for these amazing little toys! Ebay will always be the best place to buy a blythe doll and to find a 1972 Blythe doll, but it might cost you. Perhaps you want to try and hunt for one yourself first because you may not want to sell a kidney to fund your craving lol No matter how much I filter these auctions factory dolls are still there so please be aware that not all listings on here are for the original. If you are not sure feel free to join our or Blythe411 Facebook Group and inquire away 🙂 I have some of my very own FINDING BLYTHE TIPs on It shares how I found and saved up for my vary own Kenners. Cheers!