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Bella Blythe Doll



It’s not hard photographing beautiful things for me.  I tend to find the beauty in a lot of things, places and people so to capture it for others to see is getting easier and easier I find.  Some may only see dolls and flowers but I see a lot more.   My Veronica Blythe doll is a Lounging Lovely Superior Blythe Takara neo and she is wearing a very lovely dress by Molly Dolly that was so kindly given to me by Jen of We Heart Dolls Facebook Group for our gift swap in the summer!



Thanks again to Jen for sending me such a gorgeous Molly Dolly dress thanks to the We Heart Dolls gift exchange this past summer.  It was so generous of her to send me that and another one also!   I will post pictures of the other dress too.  Anita and Jen both run the We Heart Dolls Facebook group and they do such a wonderful job!  I always enjoy how they organize things for the group and keep us busy having fun with Challenges and that one gift swap.  I also love their dolly pictures they post on their Facebooks pretty much daily or more!



What a gorgeous and warm day it was at the beach and I took so many other pictures that day too.  It was truly a perfect day.  Thanks so much for taking the time to look at my pictures and read this blog entry.


Annablythedoll xo