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Pure Neemo Bodies Well there are two sizes that customizers are using today, Size Small and Extra Small. Both look great in my opinion. I really need to find time to customize another doll and order a pure neemo body to see how it goes. I found that factory doll bodies are very flimsy so it is a must with most collectors to swap them out and the majority seem to use these pure neemo bodies or licca bodies. I like both so I think I would be okay with either. Now when you change the body you do have to unscrew the back of the head carefully and not force out the neck. The PN bodies have neck problems and need to be reinforced and my Blythe411 Facebook group does have a tutorial in the pictures section you can refer too. Now if you decide to try these bodies remember to decide on a size. There is also pictures on the group wall with a link to a great sites that have lots of info on what they look like.