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Factory Blythe Dolls – Factory Blythe dolls are just that, Blythe dolls that were pieced together from rejected parts (scratched or defective) in the factory in China.  More and more collectors want a piece of the blythe pieces put together in such a beautiful way.  I wish the people doing this would buy the pieces and get permission from CWC and Hasbro first.  A lot more collectors would like a one of a kind official blythe doll and it would be better for the community if it was on the up and up.
***PLEASE NOTE:  Some Sellers are stating that cheaper FAKE Blythe dolls are Factory dolls.  From what I understand fakes have mismatched body colors, the torso and pelvis are usually a different color.  Also there is an eye gap.  These are rare so now you will mostly find newly made fakes such as TBLs and Clones.  If you’re not sure then it would be best to ask the seller.