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Takara Blythe Info


Takara Neo Blythe Info



The Takara Blythe dolls are a reproduction of the vintage 1972 Kenner Blythe Dolls and the repros went in production since 2001. The face mold and body vary depending on the year of release. The following show the release date and different types of neo blythe doll.


BL: June 2001-March 2002. Licca body is used, BL (basic licca), boggled eyes lids don’t show and glance further to the side. Some models have a matte face and the hair is generally thinner. The BL body, has some disadvantages. For example, the legs do not bend as well as the later releases.


EBL (Excellent): June 2002-October 2003. A new body type and face mold is introduced. Unlike the earlier Licca body, EBL bodies have bendable legs that have three “clicks” at the knee. The arms still do not bend and the faces are shinier.


SBL (Superior): February 2004-present. Same body, but a new face mold and new sparkly eye chips and included. Fashioned from a complete piece of plastic, the head does not allow access to the eye mechanism.


RBL (Radiance): December 2006-present. The new neo blythe doll face mold that looks more Kenner-like and includes a slightly wider eyes.


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